How to Curb Your Cravings #1

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Assorted fruitMaybe you’ve tried this before, said, “I’m not going to eat sugar anymore!” 

But then, its as if you see it everywhere, its the lollipop in the stroller. You see the ice cream cone walking down the street. Things you didn’t […]

How to Curtail Emotional Eating

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Ways to tell if you are emotional eating: How do you know you’re snacking versus
emotional eating?

If you find yourself eating when you are not hungry, mindless snacking, feeling compulsions to eat more than is needed like finishing the bag of potato chips, you are emotional eating. Emotional eating […]

Difficulties with Weight Loss Could Be Wired Into Your Brain

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Kim came to my services, referred by a personal trainer. She had been consistently working with a personal trainer for about a year, and in that time, she had been fairly consistent with working out, […]

Cultivate Aliveness with Childlike Curiosity

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Cultivate Aliveness with Childlike Curiosity

Have you seen the light and wonder in a child’s eyes when they are experiencing something new? One time I was visiting my nieces and nephews and […]

How to End Comfort Eating

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As you know, weight management is an ongoing issue. We can find a good balance for awhile, but our lives are always changing and we encounter new things and thought patterns […]