Research Shows Diets Leave You Worse Off!

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Don’t Start Another Diet

We all know how it starts, I’m gonna do it this time for sure. And maybe we’re really motivated …for a few days, but then what happens? We lose motivation…procrastinate…and eventually fall off the wagon.

The Surprising Research About Diets and Weight Loss

When we think of losing weight, […]

Difficulties with Weight Loss Could Be Wired Into Your Brain

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Kim came to my services, referred by a personal trainer. She had been consistently working with a personal trainer for about a year, and in that time, she had been fairly consistent with working out, […]

How Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss

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When we think of weight loss, we usually think, eat less and move more.  But weight loss is not the same for everyone. The reasons we gain weight can range from […]

Will Hypnosis Work for You?

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When we think of hypnosis, most of us think of what we see on stage, people eating an onion as if its an apple, or quacking like a duck. The word hypnosis refers to this entertainment application. But this hypnosis is short lived, when people go back to their regular […]