Weight Loss SupportJoin us for a unique monthly weight loss support group.

We meet the 2nd Thursday of every month 6:00-7:30 pm. This group is like getting a monthly booster shot of motivation and inspiration for your healthy lifestyle.

Our focus is on the mental aspects of weight loss to address cravings, lack of motivation and self sabotage. Plus making weight loss fun and easy.

at 1111 E. Brickyard Rd, suite 109 Salt Lake City, UT

Next Date: Thurs. Aug. 14

As you know weight loss is an ongoing journey. And we all need support.

Join this unique support group that focuses on the mental aspects of weight loss which are responsible for cravings, lack of motivation, emotional eating and self sabotage.  Each month we’ll focus on a new topic and address the mental aspects needed for lasting weight loss success.

Come share your challenges, your ideas, your quick and easy tips and connect with others on the healthy lifestyle journey.

We’ll highlight tools and resources plus experience some group hypnosis for weight loss. Hypnosis helps focus the mind on what you’d like it to focus on – giving you back control over your mental programs.

Mind Body Weight Loss: The Mind Body Connection

Thurs. Aug. 14, 6:00-7:30 pm.

Join us for an evening of exploring the power of the mind.

The mind body connection is real. What we think about affects us.

From placebo research, we know that a blue sugar pill will calm your energy and a red sugar pill will boost your energy.

What is going on with this phenomenon and how can we harness the power of the mind to get the results you want?

Share with others on the healthy weight journey.  We’ll discuss tips and challenges for creating your healthy lifestyle.

Plus, you’ll learn about your own mental patterns.

And we’ll explore a segment of hypnosis for training the brain and the body to lose weight easily. Cost $10.

Join the meetup group to get updates on special events for fun and easy weight loss in the Salt Lake City area. See our next topic of focus and details at: http://www.meetup.com/Mind-Body-Weight-Loss/

Class led by Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

Questions Email Holly at BrainTrainerCoach.com

or call: 801-810-9406