Create your Healthy LifestyleIn my weight loss coaching, I  draw on several backgrounds and modalities to help you get the most benefit in being supported and making the positive changes that take you to where you want to go.

Coaching is simply identifying where you are now and where you want to be, identifying your weight loss goal, and then taking the small and consistent steps for getting there. Accountability is a key part that inspires us to stay on track with our action steps.

Most weight loss coaches focus on the action steps, they’ll line out a food regimen or exercise regimen and say – do this. Having a goal and a plan is great, but just having a goal or a plan doesn’t mean that we’ll follow through.

What really gets in our way are the old habits, old patterns, and even thoughts and feelings. If we don’t feel motivated, its really hard to take the action to follow through on our exercise plan.

This is where the “brain training” strategies come in. Week by week, we identify the mental patterns that are working against you, like lack of motivation, cravings, or even self sabotage, and then we rewire the brain using Neuro – Linguistic Programming, Thought Pattern Management, and Hypnosis to help you stay on track!

You’ll find that week by week it gets easier and easier as you incorporate positive changes along the way.

We truly can set up your mind for lasting weight loss success with the added benefit of these backgrounds and modalities. You’ll find yourself following through more and more easily with your weekly goals because as you are thinking better, you feel better, and when you feel better, you are inspired to take action!

Discover how the “brain training” difference along with weight loss coaching  can make all the difference in your success!

More than accountability, we can actually address and resolve the core issues that CAUSED you to gain weight. These reasons are very unique to each individual and are NOT the same for everyone. 

In the 30 minute Weight Loss Analysis Session, through a specific NLP process, we can identify the core issues and challenges for your situation. This offers great clarity and insight into why its been such a struggle and specifically what you can do about it – even if you have unconscious programs working against you like self sabotage. 

Get Started with the Weight Loss Analysis Session: Just 30 min, and only $25, you’ll get your roadmap to your lighter freer self, you’ll identify the core issues and reasons, and you’ll have an action plan to be successful with weight loss! 

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