Find out what you need to know BEFORE you start any diet or weight loss program.

If you’ve had a history of yoyo dieting or losing the weight only to gain it right back plus more, you may feel frustrated not just with diets, but with yourself. You may even feel afraid to try another program because you don’t want it to be one more failed program.

And who wants to go through that old cycle of setting a weight loss goal, falling off the wagon and then falling into self criticism, blame and defeat all over again?

Ugg! I don’t want you to do that either. So, before you start any diet or weight loss program, there are some important things to shift right from the beginning. Follow these 3 steps on this page.

  1. Watch the video Change the Inner Critic to Encouragement.
  2. Watch the video ‘How Weight Loss Goals Set Us Up to FAIL’
  3. Reframe Failure: Recognize how this time will be different.

WATCH this video to change the Inner Critic to Encouragement.

This single video has the power to help you stay on track. But more than that, it has the power to boost your happiness and even change your life and relationships! (Don’t skip this step)

Now that you’ve changed the Inner Critic to Encouragement. Notice what changes for you over the next week. Notice how you are thinking more kindly both with yourself as well as others. This video can change the Inner Critic for most people. If you still have that critical voice going on, there could be other reasons as to why (and you could benefit from a focus session).

Video 2: How Weight Loss Goals Set Us Up to FAIL. (And HOW to begin talking to your UNCONSCIOUS MIND).

Make your goals BRAIN friendly. The ways we pick our goals can actually set us up to fail. So watch this video and learn how to make your goals BRAIN friendly and engage your unconscious mind.  Use positive language to get your deeper mind on board.

From this video you found out how the BRAIN codes language and how you can use language to code your BRAIN into your goals or plans.  Choose a healthy weight number rather than a weight loss goal. By giving your mind clear directions, you’ll find it easier to stay focused and on track.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg in uderstanding how to work with your brain.

3: There is no Failure – there is only Feedback.

Healthy and LASTING weight loss is like piecing together the right pieces of a puzzle.  It’s not about a diet, a fad or starving yourself, it’s about getting the right pieces in place, finding the healthy habits that you can live with and addressing the interference that gets in your way.

If we’ve tried weight loss before with mixed results, we can fall into the trap of thinking it failed. Thinking we’ve failed takes us into defeatism, which steals our motivation and focus.

Rather than thinking of the past programs as ‘failure’ think of finding your healthy weight like learning to ride a bicycle. If you give a 6 year old a bicycle, how many chances does she get to learn to ride a bicycle?

As many as it takes.

And if she falls off the bicycle, would you say that she has failed? No, she is in the process of learning and growing.  Even when she falls off the bicycle – she is in the process of learning and growing. And in falling off the bicycle the brain learns about muscle movement, coordination and balance so the next time she gets on the bicycle, she’s even more prepared to be more successful.

Recognize that healthy weight loss and maintaining your weight is this process of getting the right pieces in place and figuring it out. And with the added understanding of your BRAIN, learning HOW to change habits, cravings and self sabotage – you’ll be even more prepared to be successful.

So as you move forward, recognize what works for you. And if something isn’t working, it’s giving you important information about what you need to know or address so you can find that EASY place of your healthy weight.

Everyone is different and we can all have different underlying reasons for weight gain. The pieces of the puzzle you need may not be the same as the next person. As you pay attention to what works for you…and what doesn’t – you can figure out the pieces of your puzzle.

And as I’ve had 11 years of helping clients (and myself) figure out the puzzle pieces, I have extensive experience, advanced trainings and research to draw upon. Together, we can figure it out!

And also recognize that this time is different because you as you learn new things, gain new insights and adopt new strategies at the BRAIN level, you’ll find it easier and easier to create your healthy lifestyle in a way that really works for you.

The most important pieces of the puzzle you are looking for –  are in your BRAIN!

I’ll help you learn about your MENTAL weight blueprint and HOW to get you on your healthy weigh.

I’ll walk you through identifying the pieces of the puzzle that you need to find your LASTING healthy weight number.

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