Are you frustrated with dieting and weight loss? 

Stop counting calories, dieting and depriving yourself to lose weight.

From years of teaching healthy lifestyle classes, working with hundreds of clients, advanced trainings and study,  I’ve developed a complete weight loss program that gives you the skills to change habits, cravings, mental blocks, lack of motivation and self sabotage. The answer are in your brain!

Watch Sakouya’s experience with the A Lighter You Online program below:

If you have tried other weight loss program, dieted and lost weight only to gain it right back plus more – you know how hard weight loss can be. Most weight loss programs focus on counting calories, dieting and starving yourself. And most of the common approaches to weight loss are WRONG.  

The  REAL reasons we gain weight are mental patterns wired into your brain: old habits, mental blocks, cravings, stress patterns, emotional eating, lack of motivation and self sabotage.

And most other programs simply don’t know how to address these. That’s why I created this program which shows you how to change the mental patterns so that you can experience lasting weight loss success. A Lighter You Online Weight Loss program is a complete system.

You can access everything from your computer and go at your own pace. With live online classes, support calls and ways to share resources, recipes and your wins, you’ll enjoy connecting with the ALY Community.

A Lighter You Online Weight Loss program

Brain and HypnosisFinally, with A Lighter You weight loss program, you’ll get the answers you need for lasting weight loss success.  You will identify and change the mental blocks and underlying CAUSES of weight gain so that you can slim down more easily than ever before. Plus, you’ll get support and need-to-know information for your lasting success.

 Here’s what you will discover in this program:

  • How Most Diet Programs Set You Up to Fail
  • Discover the Real Reasons for your Weight Problems
  • How to Set Up New Habits in your  Brain Quickly
  • How to Transform your Cravings
  • How to Slim Down Naturally Without Feeling Hungry, Deprived or Weak
  • How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories!
  • Discover your Vitality and Energy Again!
  • How to Enjoy Healthy Eating
  • Find your Motivation to Move Your Body
  • How to End Self Sabotage
  • Gain Confidence with the Body you Want

The Reason this program is so effective is because it trains you in the skills you need and gives you the essential information to address the underlying CAUSES of weight gain.

Did you know that most diet programs actually set you up to fail? Even the advanced programs that are nutritionally sound are missing the key elements you need to be successful.

  • The ‘Just do it’ response is not an answer. It’s fine for those who already have the healthy weight mindset, but if you are struggling, if you experience cravings and even self – sabotage – you need better answers and better strategies!
  • Willpower alone isn’t enough! Many of us know we’d be better off by eating more vegetables and exercising more. It’s not that we don’t know what to do – it’s that we have old habits, even craving the wrong foods, and we have habits in what we eat. We also have emotional habits. If you are ready to end emotional eating, stress eating, comfort eating – finally, this is the answer!

If you’ve tried other programs with mixed results – finally, you’ll find the answers you need to make the changes that fit you and your lifestyle, and you can slim down naturally without the struggle!

You can finally find the missing pieces –  and slim down without counting calories, without struggling and feeling deprived or weak, and experience Lasting Weight Loss Success!

“Weight loss is all mental… I have overcome a lot of challenges around making good food choices, the bad foods I used to eat just don’t look good to me the way they used to. It’s very easy to pass them up.”

–Bev. W., Portland, OR

If you’re ready to stop counting calories and dieting….

You are ready for a new approach.

Here’s What’s Included in the ALY Membership Program:

  • Follow the 6 week or 12 week self paced program
  • A Lighter You! Train your Brain to Slim Your Body ebook (pdf) (also available on and kindle)
  • A Lighter You! The Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action ebook (pdf) (also available on kindle)
  • A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss the Six Hypnosis Audio Set (mp3s)
  • 90 Day Email program to keep you inspired and motivated
  • Private A Lighter You System Facebook Group for sharing resources, recipes, your wins and support
  • Plus Live Online Events every month

Course materials arrive by email each week so you can take it all in in small segments! 

So convenient, there are no meetings to drive to. Just all the materials you need right at your fingertips and join the live classes through your phone or computer.

With the right skills and right support – you can experience the brain training difference and enjoy lasting weight loss relief! This program includes my two books, hypnosis audio set, ongoing support, easy tools to control cravings, emotional eating, address self sabotage and more.

Now let’s go through each piece of the program.

6 Week or 12 Week Self Paced Classes 

Skype HypnosisChoose either the 6 week or 12 week track of diet myth busting, brain training to curb cravings, find motivation, enjoy healthy foodstyles, stress relief, ending emotional eating and stress eating and addressing self sabotage.

You’ll be thinking better and feeling better as you find the skills and training that empower you to embody your lighter, freer self!

Plus, with the A Lighter You Nutrition guide, you’ll get the  indepth need-to-know nutrition information that takes you from Modern American Diet to Superfoods for Superhealth.

And you’ll receive the motivational emails and group support for finding your healthy lifestyle that is right for you!

Follow the self paced program with recorded classes. Freshen up your commute by taking the recorded classes in your car. (Please don’t listen to the hypnosis materials while driving).

We’ll cover all the information in both books as we integrate the material. We’ll cover a chapter from A Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body, then a chapter from A Lighter You! Coaches Guide to Nutrition in Action, alternating between the two for optimal integration.

One week we’ll learn about health and nutrition and bust old dieting myths. Then the next week we’ll cover the mental strategies to overcome the mental blocks and stay on track. This allows you to integrate the information and the mental tools throughout the process. 

You’ll be learning the skills and positive mental strategies for thinking differently about foods, health and your body.

With both pieces of the puzzle, you’ll find yourself slimming down in no time. And you’ll connect with ALY Community members to address the mental blocks along the way.

ALY Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body Book

Lighten Up Train your Brain to Lose Weight bookFor most of us, the hardest part of weight loss is following through on what we know. This is where the mindset piece is essential to your success. We may know certain foods are healthy for us, but then why do we crave the bad stuff? Now, with these tools, you can easily change old habits, and easily train your brain to change the old patterns, and even prefer the healthy choices!

  •  How to Quickly Change old Habits
  • Transform Cravings for Lasting Weight Release
  • Train your Brain to Prefer Healthy Choices
  • End Emotional Eating
  • Curb Comfort Eating
  • Have Fun with Fitness
  • Eliminate Self-Sabotage
  • Boost your Motivation

From the material in this book, I created the 6 week class Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body. Read more details about the book here: click here.

A Lighter You! Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action Book

Lighten Up Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in ActionMisinformation in the health and weight loss industry is rampant! Even popular media claims can be false or misleading.  And the old ideas about calorie counting are simply outdated.We’ll bust common dieting myths and talk about  hidden factors of weight gain such as stress, hormone balance, food sensitivities, food allergies and more.

This book covers a comprehensive healthy eating program based on the science and research of how foods affect your body and how to keep your body in the fat burning zone (hint: it’s not based on counting calories).

You’ll learn tons of important information in bite-size easy to chew pieces, create personalized meal plans, and get easy substitutions and food guides. And you’ll gain understanding of in depth nutrition information including antioxidants, phytochemicals, healthy food substitutes, and whether going gluten free is right for you. Here’s just some of the benefits you’ll find from the healthy living plan outlined!

  • Reduce the Need for Medications (with healthy lifestyle you can keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check)
  • Normalize your Blood Sugar – And Boost Your Energy!
  • Eat Real Foods
  • Easy Meal Planning
  • Create your Fitness Plan to fit your Lifestyle (it doesn’t mean exhaustive hours at the gym)
  • Takes you from MAD Modern American Diet to SuperFoods
  • How to Identify Hidden Factors such as Food Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Simple Steps to Healthy Eating for Lasting Weight Loss Success
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • and More!

Read more about the book by clicking here.

A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss 6 Hypnosis Audio Set

Lighten Up Mind Body Weight Loss

There are some bad myths about hypnosis because of what we see on stage.

But there is a difference between stage hypnosis and therapeutic hypnosis. In therapeutic hypnosis, there is no  no blanking out or losing control. Hypnosis is simply a way of focusing your mind and attention on what you want your mind to do for you. These hypnosis audios are designed to update your mental programs about foods, health and your body. 

If you want positive results you need to feed your mind positive messages. With the barrage of advertising messages about fast food, your mind is constantly bombarded with unhealthy messages. Give your brain positive focus by tuning your brain to what you want it to focus on.

Hypnosis puts you in control of your mental patterns.  

See more on the myths of hypnosis and will hypnosis work for you here

Think of cravings. They are not logical and rational, they come from your unconscious mind and that is why they are so hard to fight against. But we can update cravings by training your brain to prefer healthy foods and focus on the foods that give you vitality and energy. You can start craving healthy foods.

“Weight loss seems yummy to me now – I’m craving squash and peaches and raspberries.” — Sandra H, Salt Lake City, UT



“I lost 6 lbs in one week while listening to Curb Your Cravings, I found I was no loner eating the junk foods I was craving before, I didn’t even think about them. It was so easy, I simply listened to the CDs while falling asleep each night. The CDs were so soothing and relaxing, I even slept better.”

— Janet K, Vancouver, WA


From my years of working with hundreds of clients for weight loss, I found I was repeating myself with weight loss hypnosis sessions. I discovered 6 essential themes that you need for lasting weight loss success. I professionally recorded the 6 hypnosis sessions with music.  These audios train your brain think differently about foods, yourself and your body and engage even your unconscious mind in making updates and changes for you.

The Mind Body Weight Loss 6 Hypnosis set includes:

  • Step into your Healthy You
  • Curb your Cravings
  • Enlighten Your Body Image
  • Release your Reasons
  • Motivation for Fitness
  • Boost Your Metabolism

Break through old habits and negative thinking errors which allows you to feel energized and renewed. Get your unconscious mind working for your conscious goals. Plus, with the added benefit of stress relief which combats the hormones cortisol and adrenaline which cause you to gain weight.  You’ll be thinking better and feeling better as you lose weight naturally.

Read More about ALY Mind Body Weight Loss Hypnosis set, click here

90 Day Motivational Emails

For added support,  you’ll receive quick, easy to read motivational emails every day for 30 days. They offer bite-size chunks to keep healthy habits on the top of your mind. You’ll stay inspired as you make small easy changes. The emails will slow to one every other day throughout the 90 days.

A Lighter You Private Facebook Group

facebook-iconStay in touch with the ALY Community. Share resources, quick tips, bring your questions and learn from others in the group. Here’s some feature benefits:

  • Get encouragement and support
  • Share tips and resources
  • Easily share quick and easy recipes
  • Share your wins
  • Ask questions and chime in on responses
  • Be a part of the ALY healthy community

Monthly Brain Skills Coaching Calls


Convenient: Call in from your phone or computer and connect with the ALY Community.

Bring your questions, your challenges and share your insights. We’ll transform old thinking, apply principles of focus and motivation and set your mind up for success.

Plus, new advanced processes and quick and easy tools for shifting the mental blocks!

If you are tired of counting calories, yoyo dieting, and feeling hungry, deprived, or weak – this is for you!

In this course, you’ll discover that healthy living can be fun, transforming old habits, eating healthier, finding more energy – and living your best!

This course is more than just weight loss – it is a well-being program. 

When we gain weight, it’s easy to get caught up in self criticism and feel down about ourselves. Then, we feel less motivated, and may even reach for comfort foods to feel better – this is a downward spiral! But, with this program, you’ll find your inner strength for appreciating yourself, feeling better about your body, and this motivates and inspires you to make positive choices! As you’re slimming down, you’ll feel great about you, feel motivated and inspired to embody your ideal healthy weight. 

You must change your brain to change your habits and your body!

 “I used to not be able to say no to cheese puffs, and now there is a half a bag sitting in my cupboard for three weeks, they just don’t taste the same to me, I don’t even want them!”

–April, Vancouver, WA.

With the right tools and the right support – you’ll be on your healthy weigh in no time! 

Affordable and Convenient! No driving to or from a meeting, all from the comfort of your home.

Plus, with ALY Premium Membership Option you’ll get even more:

Weight Loss SupportNEW ALY Premium Membership is for you if:

  • You have more than 25 lbs to release
  • You want help with more than just weight loss 
  • You know the value of working with a community or mastermind
  • You know the benefit of WEEKLY accountability and action calls
  • You are ready to shift your old mental blocks for powerful results
  • You are ready to LIVE FULLY in ALL areas of your life

Get added support, be accountable, find encouragement and connect with the A Lighter You Community! 


Weekly Living Fully Calls Mondays at 7 pm Mountain, 6 pm Pacific

Powerful weekly action calls keep you motivated and inspired. Plus, it’s more than just weight loss, it’s about LIVING FULLY. Bring your challenges, your goals, and your dreams.

These calls offer you:

  • Laser Focused Coaching
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Bust Through Mental Blocks Quickly and Easily
  • Enjoy Focus and Support

Stay on track with your healthy lifestyle with weekly support and motivation. Share your challenges, your insights, and get your mental focus for the week. What does living fully mean to you? What more do you want out of life?

 Plus, Get Access to the Hypnosis Library & Hot Topics

hypnosis audios and mp3s

The Hypnosis Library is full of mp3 downloads on weight loss related topics for well being, stress relief and focusing your mind on positive messages. Currently 12 downloads, here’s just a sampling of what’s currently available.

  • Boosting Energy
  • Relaxing into the Flow of Life
  • Boosting Confidence
  • Boosting Self Esteem
  • Stress Relief
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Feeling Safe in Life
  • And More

 Which Program is Right for You?

With this affordable monthly membership, you’ll have all the resources you need right at your fingertips to be thinking better, feeling better and  slimming down to your ideal healthy weight – naturally!

 Comparison of ALY Membership Programs Total Value ALY Membership ALY Premium Membership

Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body and Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action 12 week Tele-classes and recordings. (Live class starts Oct. 15)   

$195 included included
 Live Weight Loss Coaching Call (one per month)  $57  included  included
 Private Facebook group  $20  included  included

Mind Body Weight Loss 6 Hypnosis Audios and Two Ebooks (format of mp3s and pdfs)

 $97  included  included
 90 Day Motivational Email Series  $47  included  included
 Weekly Living Fully Mastermind Calls (4 per month)  $108  not avail  included
 The Hypnosis Library & Recordings covering topics of stress, insomnia, confidence, anxiety, (currently 12 mp3s)  $240  not avail  included
 Private Session Rates  $150  $99/hr  $75/hr
 Total Value    $416   $764
 You Pay Only  

  $27 per   month *

  $97 per   month *

* A One time $97 Registration fee gives you all your course materials, ebooks, hypnosis downloads and immediate access.

 Invest in yourself!

Plus, you’ll also get special bonuses! When you register for either MONTHLY Membership plan, you’ll also receive:

weight loss program Bonus Audio: Enjoying the Holidays! Have you experienced those special holidays, family parties and buffets – and you find yourself hovering at the food table? Or you want to be comfortable and enjoy the party, but the food tends to take your focus? This audio helps your mind switch your focus so that you can enjoy the party, your friends and family, and let food be more of the background rather than center stage. A great way to prepare your mind for the holidays! Digital mp3 format.

weight loss programBonus Audio: Automatic Weight Loss!  There is so much that your body does for you automatically every day, regulating your heart rate, your blood pressure, your metabolism and all of these processes are under the control of your unconscious mind. This 12 minute audio is designed to wire your unconscious mind into your healthy weight number, allowing you to slim down easily and natural. This is a great mental refresher keeping your mind and body on track. Play it in the morning while you get ready for work. Digital mp3 format.

weight loss programFREE Weight Loss Analysis Session with Holly! In this 30 minute session, we’ll identify any mental blocks you might have around weight loss and what needs to shift for you so that you can get to that place of easily and naturally maintaining your healthy weight. Plus, you’ll experience how to talk with your unconscious mind through the magic of NLP. By phone or Skype.


ALY Monthly Membership ALY Monthly PREMIUM Membership

$27 per month

One Time $97 Registration Fee  

$57 per month

One Time $97 Registration fee   

 Or you can save on YEARLY Membership rates.

Slimming down to your healthy weight body takes, time, focus and patience. If you have a lot of weight to release and you want the ongoing support from the ALY Community, you’ll greatly benefit from the yearly program. This is a great option if you’ve really struggled with weight loss and if you’ve tried other programs with mixed results.

Plus, When you register for the yearly ALY Membership, you’ll receive $360 in bonuses:
  • A Lighter You Weight Loss Analysis (30 minute session) ($75 value)
  • One  Private Session (60 minute) ($150 value)
  • ALY  Mind Body Weight Loss 6 Hypnosis CD set ($97 value)
  • ALY  Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body book       ($19.95)
  • ALY  Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action book (14.95)
  • Plus FREE shipping on materials ($9.95 value)


ALY Yearly Membership         ALY PREMIUM Yearly Membership






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If you’re tired of the yoyo dieting – you’re ready to finally address the REAL reasons you’ve gained weight. You’re ready to find your Healthy Weight and slim down with less struggle – without feeling hungry, deprived, or weak!
With these powerful tools, mental strategies, sound principles and the special “brain training” audios, you can slim down to your lighter, freer self, find your health and energy again – and enjoy life more!
Weight Loss SuccessImagine what it would be like to not have to worry about your weight? What would it be like to just stop eating when you are full? What would it be like to eat what you want, not feel hungry, deprived or weak? Wouldn’t it be nice to stop counting calories, eat what you like, and even find yourself naturally reaching for healthier foods because they sounds good?
Well, now you can. With these powerful “brain training” audios, the content packed materials that bust old dieting myths, 12 week classes, live support, weekly Living Fully Action calls, the ALY Community and more!
Ready to Join the Ranks of Lasting Weight Loss Success? Get Started Today!
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Upgrade to the physical books and CD Set. This option is a must if you struggle with the computer and if you don’t want to download the pdf and MP3 formats. Normally, the home study course retails for $127, but with your enrollment you can get the paperback book A Lighter You! Train your Brain to Slim your Body, A Lighter You! Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action and the six CD set: A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss for an additional $59 with free shipping ( A $48 Savings!) – Or get it free with your yearly program – see above.
If you are ready for a new approach, if you are ready stop starving yourself and constantly thinking about food – It’s time for a change. You can train your mind and body to change your habits, prefer healthy foods, and slim down to your ideal weight easily and naturally! Now, there is an easier way to release the weight with A Lighter You!  Mind-Body Weight Loss audio course! This  CD set features 6 brain training audios to address the 6 essentials needed for lasting weight loss success. 
With the right tools and the right support, you can train your mind to change your habits, prefer healthy choices, and slim down to your ideal weight easily and naturally!
From years of running weight loss groups and working with clients, I discovered the common themes that clients need to address in releasing weight successfully.
This course will help you easily change your thoughts and feelings about food, health, and your body! How we think about our foods, health, and choices has everything to do with our motivation! The habits and patterns we have about foods come from our past history. Now, you can understand your brain, your patterns, habits and cravings and more!
 Change Your Brain – Change Your Habits and Your Body! It’s time to live your healthy lifestyle! And, now with this audio course, you can change your old habits, your thoughts, even your feelings, to feel inspired for health, naturally preferring healthy choices!
It’s time to stop struggling! Stop dieting, the constant struggle with losing weight and gaining it back – it’s time for REAL change ! It’s time to live your healthy lifestyle! And, now, it’s easier than ever, when you change your old habits, your thoughts, even your feelings, you feel inspired for health, even preferring healthy choices!
No pills, no surgery, no kidding!

Penny_PortlandOR “I lost 25 lbs and 4 dress sizes. It was so easy – I just listened to the CDs and found myself simply preferring healthy foods, and moving more. I became a believer.” — Penny C, Portland, OR 

 Your slim body is calling you! Do it now, don’t “weight” another minute! A Lighter You! Mind-Body Weight Loss course focuses on easily changing your habits, re-balancing your body, addressing the underlying reasons for gaining weight, changing your body and weight blueprint, and helping your body slim down to your healthy and fit self! It’s time to become your after!

OR I can take your secure order by phone: Call now! 801-810-9406
Still have questions? Want to talk with a live person, call or email me: holly at Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer
 Hi, I’m Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, I clear the mental blocks that get in the way of health, happiness and success. 
 A Lighter You System is my signature program that I’ve developed over 10 years, advanced trainings, extensive study and working with hundreds of clients. I was my own guinea pig and used these tools to go from a size 14 to a size 6 without dieting, counting calories or depriving myself. And with the right brain skills, you can do it  too!
This complete weight loss program combines my two books, A Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body and A Lighter You! Health Coaches Guide to Nutrition in Action, plus Mind Body Weight Loss hypnosis set, 12 weeks of online classes and weekly community support and motivational emails and more.
It’s time to stop struggling – It’s time for REAL change! It’s time to for a lighter you!
 Yes, you can have the health, life and body you want – and together, we can make it happen!
Get the Right Skills and the Right Support to find your healthy weight body. Wouldn’t it feel great to wear your closet again?
Office location: The Brain Trainer: 1111 Brickyard Rd 109, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Internationally through Skype!
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