Sorry, but you’re not actually a member yet. Get started with A Lighter You Membership program. If you are tired of dieting, counting calories, and starving yourself, you are ready for a new approach!

In A Lighter You Membership program you’ll find the tools, resources, and strategies for making the MENTAL shift and slimming down to your ideal healthy weight, and maintaining it! With the right tools and the right support, you’ll be on your healthy weigh!

Here’s what you’ll receive with your membership registration:

    • The ebook: A Lighter You! Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action guidebook (pdf format)This book covers complex nutrition information and breaks it down into easy to chew bite size pieces. Its based on the glycemic index, is diabetic  – friendly and helps you start making lifestyle changes that you can live with. 
    • The ebook: A Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Lose Weight (pdf format)This book covers the mental strategies for lasting weight loss success, you can actually rewire your brain to think differently and change your relationship with food.
    • 6 MP3 Series: A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss Audio Course This six part audio set are hypnosis downloads designed to help you train your brain for healthy living and choices. The titles include: Curb your Cravings, Step Into Your Healthy You, Motivation for Fitness,  Boost Your Metabolism, Release Your Reasons, and Enlighten Your Body Image. 
    • 12 Recorded Teleclasses These recordings are from the teleclass, Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body. You can listen to the course at your own pace, covering the material in both books. 
    • Participate in Live Teleclasses as long as you are an active member. Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body teleclasses run periodically throughout the year. Participate with live calls.
    • Daily Motivational Emails  This is part of the 90 Day Online program with daily emails for the first 30 days, then one email every other day, keeping you on track. You can restart the email program anytime as long as you are an active member.
    • Plus Bonus MP3s: Automatic Weight Loss and Surviving the Holidays!

There are 3 ways to register for this groundbreaking weight loss program:

Month to Month Membership One Year Membership One Year Membership VIP Access – Best Value!

Month to month membership gives you access to the membership pages:

You’ll get all course materials, two books, 6 MP3 downloads, 12 Recorded Teleclasses, plus participate in Live Teleclass calls, and receive the 90 Day online program with daily motivational emails.

$79 Registration Fee plus $27 per month membership.


Gives you access to the membership pages for one year, plus, you’ll get unlimited teleclasses, participate in live calls, and you can restart your 90 Day online program anytime! Teleclasses for Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body run periodically throughout the year.



$179 for One Year Membership

(A $474 Value!)

Gives you access to all the membership perks, plus access to the hypnosis and meditation archives with multiple downloads for

  • Boosting Energy
  • Relaxing into the Flow of Life
  • Boosting Confidence
  • Boosting Self Esteem
  • Stress Relief
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • And More
$195 One Year VIP Access
(A $554 Value)
Plus, when you register for either year long program, you’ll get one free hour of Weight Loss Coaching session. ( A $150 Value!) In this session, you’ll discover:
  • your unique weight blueprint
  • your roadmap for breaking free of old mental patterns
  • you’ll get your action plan for success.
  • and more!

It’s time to commit to your health and vitality. Join us for a year of health, restore your energy, lose weight and feel great in your body.

Make your purchase, then call to schedule your free session.

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