Thought Pattern Management is the foundational session I use with all my clients. In this 90 minute session, we teach your mind a strategy for letting go of the past negative emotions of your life, this allows you to be more open, focused on the present moment and a greater ability to move forward.

You may have noticed while driving down the street, that you think about past events, and although the event is over and gone many years ago, when you think an old memory, you feel the same negative emotions that you felt at the time. This is partly due to how our brain operates, it takes a snapshot of what we remember around us, visual memory, and it bundles it with the emotional memory that we felt at the time.

Once we teach your mind the positive mental strategy, it can run it for you automatically. My clients often say, “The weight of my life has lifted.” or “I just feel better, happier.”

This  session offers a powerful baseline for feeling more centered, more calm and greater sense of well being  in your life.

Robert Fletcher is the father of this modality. He went through NLP and Hypnosis training in the 1970’s and worked with many clients. Over the years, he looked for ways to streamline the processes and get the mind to automate the work. From his years of experience, Thought Pattern Management was born.

This single session has made such a difference for so many of my clients, that I’ve made it foundational to the work that I do. Some experience it as a dramatic change, and others experience it as a subtle shift, but mostly all my clients report a greater sense of happiness and well being from this single session.