Hypnosis Weight Loss program Salt Lake City“Uggghh! How did this happen again?” you think to yourself as the scale shows you’ve gained another 10 pounds.

And then we cycle into a round of self criticism, self blame even calling ourselves names, “I’m just lazy, undisciplined, unmotivated.”

And then we desperately look for a weight loss program or join a gym, and it’s hard… and we really struggle ….and battle ourselves.

And it may work for a time…But then we lose motivation and focus or maybe life changes …and then we find ourselves back at square one… “How did this happen again?”

If you’ve had a history of yoyo dieting or losing the weight only to gain it right back plus more, you may feel skeptical about another weight loss program, or even defeated and hopeless like nothing will work for you.

I know you might think that you’ve tried it all before…..

…..But you haven’t tried this!

Most weight loss programs focus on telling you how to diet, what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. And this might work for some people, but not really that many.

In fact research shows that as many as 98% of dieters gain all the weight right back within 2 years!

Wake up America, it’s NOT working! And it’s not your fault. Most programs are missing the most important piece.

Think of achieving your ideal weight as putting together the pieces of the puzzle. You have to fit the right pieces of the puzzle together.

And most weight loss programs are missing THE MOST important piece – YOUR BRAIN!

Just knowing what to do doesn’t mean that you’ll follow through. I know, I’ve been there. In my early twenties, I certified as a Nutritional Vitalogist and Herbalist. I knew the right and healthy foods to eat and the bad foods to avoid, but I still found myself hording packages of cookies in my car and even polishing off the whole bag in a single sitting.

Just knowing what to do is only a small piece of the puzzle. What really gets in the way are:

  • Old Habits
  • Cravings
  • Mental Blocks
  • Lack of Motivation
  • And Self Sabotage

And these are patterns wired into your BRAIN!

Weight loss is not one size fits all.

Watch this video that explains how weight loss can range from simple level habits like overeating to more complicated issues like cravings. Cravings are not logical and rational and they can even feel out of control (because they are rooted in the unconscious mind). And at an even deeper level, we can have self sabotage or even unconscious programs where a part of your mind is working against you.

This is what makes weight loss so hard. And it’s not your fault. You simply didn’t have all the pieces.

Consciously you may think, “I’m going to lose weight this time. I’m going to stay on track and go to the gym and eat healthy.” But if your deeper mind has another agenda or underlying reasons, which part do you think is going to win?

Maybe you just have some simple level habits to change – and I can show you how to do that.

If you have really struggled with your weight and you feel like you are fighting yourself, it’s because a part of your mind is not on board with your conscious goals.

To create REAL change and stop struggling – you simply must address YOUR BRAIN!

I can show you HOW to address the REAL reasons for weight gain:

  • Change Habits Quickly
  • Curtail Cravings
  • Clear the Mental Blocks
  • End Emotional Eating
  • and Transform Self Sabotage – All with your BRAIN!

You don’t need another Diet – You need a BRAIN Intervention!

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