Have you lost weight only to gain it all right back plus more? If you’ve struggled with your weight, if you are tired of yoyo dieting and counting calories…. Watch this video on understanding cravings…

If you are ready for a new approach, if you are ready stop starving yourself and constantly thinking about food – It’s time for a change. You can train your mind and body to change your habits, prefer healthy foods, and slim down to your ideal weight easily and naturally!

Now, there is an easier way to release the weight with A Lighter You! Mind-Body Weight Loss course!

You can change your thoughts and feelings about food, health, and your body! How you think about foods, health, and choices has everything to do with your motivation! Our thought habits and cravings often seem out of our control, but now, with the right tools and right support – you can take charge and create change that lasts a lifetime!

From years of running weight loss groups and working with clients, I discovered the essential themes that clients absolutely must address in releasing weight successfully and in keeping it off.

From this, I created A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss Course which draws on the fields of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and more to train your mind and body system to restore balance, release the struggle, and lose the weight – naturally!

With the right tools and the right support, you can train your mind to change your habits, prefer healthy choices, and slim down to your ideal weight easily and naturally! (See before and after photos below)

Here’s what you’ll get in A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss Course:

  • Train your Brain to Curb Your Cravings
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Believe in Your Ability to Lose Weight
  • Feel Great About You and Love Your Body
  • Create a New Relationship with Your Body
  • Address the REAL Reasons for Gaining Weight!

This course will help you easily change your thoughts and feelings about food, health, and your body!  How we think about our foods, health, and choices has everything to do with our motivation! The REAL reasons we gain weight are not that we don’t know what to eat, as much as following through on what we know. The REAL reasons we gain weight are old habits, cravings, lack of motivation and even self – sabotage. Now, you’ll have the tools to combat these reasons and take control!

If you are ready to take charge of your habits – gently, easily and effectively…

You are ready for A Lighter You System! All you need to do is listen to each of the 6 audios, one per day for the first week while you are doing something active. This lets your conscious mind have the strategies you need to change old thinking, transform cravings, and make new habits.

Our brain creates habits through repetition, so you’ll want to repeat the CDs one per week after going through the whole set in the first week. Just listen while you are doing housework, making dinner, walking, or even answering emails. This lets both your conscious mind learn the new strategies and your unconscious mind fully integrate the new habits. You’ll find yourself making better choices, moving more, and preferring even healthy foods and choices!

Finally, there is an EASY way to release the weight with A Lighter You!  Mind-Body Weight Loss course! This six part audio course on CD combines guided visualization, breakthrough Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP mental strategies, and self-hypnosis.

You might be thinking, “This is a bunch of “woo-woo” “airy fairy crap” and it’s not going to work for me. But, let me tell you, from years of working with clients just like you, I know what it takes to change your mindset, so that you can release the weight – and put your focus on more important things than counting calories!

Change Your Mindset – And your Habits and Body will Easily Follow!

It’s time to stop struggling! Stop dieting, the constant struggle with losing weight and gaining it back – it’s time for REAL change ! It’s time to live your healthy lifestyle! And, now, it’s easier than ever, when you change your old habits, your thoughts, even your feelings, you feel inspired for health, even preferring healthy choices!

It’s time to live your healthy lifestyle! And, now with this audio course, you can change your old habits, your thoughts, even your feelings, to feel inspired for health, naturally preferring healthy choices!

No pills that make you sick, no surgery, no kidding!

This audio course will help you naturally prefer healthy choices, enjoy fitness, reduce your cravings, and curb your appetite.

Weight Loss can be easy, even natural!
Penny’s Weight Loss Success!

 ” I lost 25 lbs and 4 dress sizes. It was so easy – I just listened to the CDs and found myself simply preferring healthy foods, and moving more.  I became a believer. ” — Penny C, Portland, OR

Lighten Up Mind Body Weight LossOrder the Lighten Up! Mind Body Weight Loss Audio Course, 6 set CD and slim down naturally! This series addresses the key reasons for gaining extra weight including cravings, stress eating, body image, motivation for fitness, and more! It’s easy, just listen while you are doing something active: household chores, walking or stretching. This gets your conscious and your unconscious working together for you.

The most difficult part of weight loss is changing your habits. Anything repeated over time, the brain learns to automate it and turns it into a habit. This is useful in some ways, we don’t have to think about a lot of the skills we’ve learned anymore, like tying shoes, driving a car, etc. However, sometimes, it’s not so useful. We can have habits in our food choices, in our moods and feelings about fitness, in our motivations, and even our thought patterns can be habits.

Changing habits used to be difficult. But with my A Lighter You System, it can be easy!

In the old way of making life changes, it used to take a lot of time and energy to change our old behaviors. Not any more! By simply listening to these audios, you update your old habits even while you sleep!

This Audio course addresses The 6 essentials needed for lasting weight loss success. They are designed using imagery, metaphor, word and meaning cues, and mental strategies to help your brain learn new patterns for thinking and feeling.

  • Step into your Healthy You
  • Curb Your Cravings
  • Enlighten Your Body Image
  • Release Your Reasons
  • Boost your Metabolism
  • Motivate your Fitness

Where the mind goes – the body will follow! And your body will follow your mind to your lighter and freer self! This goes way beyond positive thinking and affirmations! We’ve all had a negative thought, and thought to ourselves, “I shouldn’t be thinking this,” – but there it is. Or, we’ve noticed a feeling, and thought, I shouldn’t be feeling this – but there’s the feeling! Even though we consciously know better, our old habits are wired into our brain.

But now, you can take charge and change them! It takes more than just positive thinking – you must update the old habits, and your unconscious mind using its own language – imagery, metaphor, associations, and then, turn them into habits through repetition!

This course is designed to update your uconscious programs at the deepest level, updating the old thoughts and feelings – so that weight loss and healthy living becomes natural for you!

This course is more than just weight loss – it is a well-being program. As you begin thinking better thoughts, you’ll also find yourself feeling better feelings and  being inspired and motivated. As you think better and feel better, you’ll be inspired to naturally take positive actions and even preferring healthy choices!  You’ll be on your way to slimming down naturally – you can get on your way to living what’s really important in your life! Feel great about you, find balance and harmony as your healthy fit self! It’s time to break free!

You must change your mindset to change your habits and your body! Here’s an overview of the CDs in the series and what they will do for you!

Step into your Healthy You helps your deeper mind begin making your ideal healthy weight a reality. It’s time to update your internal blueprint, and align to the healthy you that you know you can be – it’s time to step into your healthy you!           35 minutes

Curb Your Cravings: Many of our cravings come from how we think about foods. Sweets often mean reward, and comfort foods become tempting when we feel hurt or down. With this CD, you’ll find yourself passing up junk foods, and even preferring healthy choices!  45 minutes



Enlighten Your Body Image: Along with the challenges of gaining weight can come increased feelings of depression, self-criticism, and lack of self-worth. With this audio, you’ll connect with your powerful feelings of worth and value. Become radiant to yourself and the world around you, and feel yourself lighten up!   40 minutes


Boost Your Metabolism: This audio is designed to help your body improve its performance and boost your metabolism. Harmonize your system, crank up your energy, and feel great!  25 minutes


Motivation for Fitness: Rev up your motivation to move your body. Feel your fire grow stronger as your will to exercise intensifies. Where your mind goes, the body will follow. Discover the feeling of freedom and aliveness that a great workout can bring. Find yourself looking forward to your fitness! 15 minutes


Release your Reasons addresses the original core reasons your mind body system has for carrying extra weight.Often, these are buried in our unconscious mind, and hidden from conscious awareness. With a gentle, metaphoric journey, befriend your unconscious mind and discover how natural weight loss can be. Release your reasons – release the struggle and step into the slenderyou! 48 minutes.


This is less than what a single session would cost you with a qualified Hypnotherapist.  Rates can run as much as $150 or more an hour! With 6 CDs in this set, that makes $900  or more to cover this material one on one with a hypnotherapist!

And the set is yours to help you stay focused and on track – you can use it over and over again any time you need a pick me up! Use it when you need a motivational boost, when you are feeling down, or when you just want to get refocused! It’s time to start training your brain for success!

Or enroll in the membership program and get all the materials at a special price with added bonuses!
It’s time to stop struggling! Order your Lighter You System  today at a fraction of the cost it would take to see a hypnotherapist. You can use this set over and over again to reinforce your results and maintain your healthy habits and slim body. This course focuses on restoring your health, boosting your metabolism, increasing your motivation for fitness, and transforming your cravings into healthy choices.

Your slim body is calling you, and it can be yours- easily!

Do it now, don’t “weight” another minute! A Lighter You! Mind-Body Weight Loss course focuses on easily changing your habits, re-balancing your body, addressing the underlying reasons for gaining weight, changing your body and weight blueprint, and helping your body slim down to your healthy and fit self! It’s time to become your after!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

You might be thinking, “How will I know if it will work for me?” These audios help train your mind to make new habits in what you think and feel about food, weight loss, fitness, and yourself. With these practical mental strategies, you’ll feel in control, be in charge of what you think and how you feel, plus you’ll find yourself thinking better, feeling better, and your body will align to your ideal healthy weight as you internalize and update your ideal healthy weight. You’ll have positive mental strategies and find yourself thinking better, feeling great, and the weight simply falling away.

If I fall asleep while listening to the CDs will it still work? Yes, it does! I suggest listening at least once through each CD consciously, so that your brain has the strategies. Listen while you are doing chores, walking or stretching, or even answering emails. Just playing it in the background will help update your unconscious mind. When you sleep, your brain goes through the same brain wave patterns that we look for in deep hypnosis. The rythm and music of these CDs are designed to relax and soothe you while you are experiencing these strategies, allowing the new thoughts and strategies to update your unconscious mind. Even while you sleep, your mind will be turning these positive healthy thoughts and feelings into new habits that work for you.

Are these subliminal messages? No, everything recorded on these audios you are able to hear and consciously follow. Subliminal means out of range of conscious sound. Research has shown that subliminal messages are not effective. I’ve found people get the best results when they are able to work with both the conscious and unconscious mind, which creates alignment and puts you in control of your own mind and body.

Cancellation Policy: If you order the A Lighter You CD set (physical copy), you have 3 business days to cancel your order for a full refund. Because I offer free downloads and samples of each audio on this website, we do not refund MP3 downloads. Listen to the Free Introduction MP3 on Changing your Habits, and you are assured of the sound quality of the downloads. You’ll be thrilled with your purchase and you’ll be on your healthy weigh in no time!

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Holly Stokes, The Brain TrainerHi, I’m Holly Stokes, “The Brain Trainer” and Master NLP Coach. I help fabulous people achieve their potential by releasing the blocks that are getting in their way and training the brain to stay focused and on track.

We pick up mental blocks from our past history, which then over time are turned into thought and feeling habits. We experience these habits as cravings, old patterns, even automatic behaviors and self sabotage. It’s time to stop struggling  – It’s time for REAL change! It’s time to lighten up with A Lighter You! Yes, you can have the health, life and body you want – and together, we can make it happen!

Get the Right Tools and the Right Support!

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