Sometimes making a change is simply about remembering to do so.

When you have enough healthy habits, you can enjoy lasting weight loss success. Use this Neuro-Linguistic Programming process for making a new habit.

Think of a change that you’d like to make and think of the context, where does it fit in your routine? For this example we are going to use adding exercise into the schedule after work.

What are you doing now? I come home from work and I sit down in front of the TV.

What change do you want? I want to come home from work and put on my workout clothes and go to the gym.

What is the cue that tells you to run the new habit? Coming home from work.

See a movie of it in your mind as if you are an observer seeing yourself do it. See yourself in your mind coming home from work, putting on your gym clothes and going to the gym. Does the new habit fit into your schedule, is there anything to adjust and change?

Yes, I’m too hungry when I get home from work, I need an energy bar or something.

Ok, add that into your routine, make a movie of it, how does it look to you now?

It looks okay, doable.

Now, imagine going through your day, in your mind, going through the motions of adding in this habit. Imagine coming home from work, putting down your bag, going into the bedroom, changing your clothes, getting your gym bag and grabbing an energy bar and going to the gym. How does that look? (Make any adjustments needed)

Then repeat the imagined experience about 5 times, going through the new behavior in your mind. This repetition sets up a new mental habit to remember the new behavior. (Finding the motivation to follow through is a different NLP process).

Here’s some ideas of other habits that you might want to change:

  • Remembering to journal
  • Remembering your cloth bags at the grocery store
  • Remembering to take a walk at lunch or after dinner
  • Remembering to drink water between meals
  • Remembering to take medications

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its all about how the brain codes information and how we can use that coding to make updates and changes to the software of the brain quickly and easily.