Research Shows Diets Leave You Worse Off!

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Don’t Start Another Diet

We all know how it starts, I’m gonna do it this time for sure. And maybe we’re really motivated …for a few days, but then what happens? We lose motivation…procrastinate…and eventually fall off the wagon.

The Surprising Research About Diets and Weight Loss

When we think of losing weight, […]

Small Steps to Lower Blood Sugar and Keep the Body from Storing Fat

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15 min of walking reduces insulin resistance Image Courtesy of Ambro from


Insulin resistance may be keeping you from losing weight.

Insulin resistance is a condition where the cells of the body are not able to use the hormone insulin […]

The Link Between Diet Soda and Weight Gain

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Cans of sweet drinks What is the Connection Between Diet Soda and Weight Gain?

I recently received an email from someone commenting on my quote in the article Myths About Weight Loss and what Science Really Says. He said it was ‘ridiculous’ to say that diet […]

How to Curb Your Cravings #1

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Assorted fruitMaybe you’ve tried this before, said, “I’m not going to eat sugar anymore!” 

But then, its as if you see it everywhere, its the lollipop in the stroller. You see the ice cream cone walking down the street. Things you didn’t […]